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Beauty youtuber Nadine Baggott

If your not a millennial but older, you may find british beauty youtuber Nadine Baggott interesting.


She's a beauty editor and a tv presenter and she discusses a lot of skincare products and medical procedures. She's probably in her late 40s or early 50s and she's honest about what she's had done to her face. I don't think she looks overdone at all, she looks pretty good to me. I think she's conservative in what she's having done too.


Some of her content is sponsored ads and some isn't. I think I found her on youtube because I was looking up the skincare line Inkey List (which is similar to The Ordinary) as it's carried at some Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Canada and I was thinking of trying it out.


Anyway her newest youtube video is about fillers and she discusses them with her doctor that does her fillers. I think the discussion is pretty good as they discuss various fillers and what they are used for. I'm not linking the video here directly because I'm not sure if the mods would pull it since that particular video is sponsored content but look for the date April 7,2019 and the video title: "Everything you wanted to know about facial fillers - ask the doctor".

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Re: Beauty youtuber Nadine Baggott

Nadine Baggott is terrific!  I expecially enjoy the collaboratons she does with other beauty bloggers, brand owners, and industry experts.  

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Re: Beauty youtuber Nadine Baggott

I found her through Caroline Hirons (who I just love!) and really like her too.  She will do high end and drug store stuff which is always nice.