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Re: Beauty with benefits no gift bag received!

Didn't get mine either from QVC. Definitely feel scammed. I think it's shameful what happened this year. Worst year ever for this event. Simply not right. How can you have more product to sell than GWP and also lie and continue to push purchases and tell customers they will receive the GWP during the live presentations at the event?
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Re: Beauty with benefits no gift bag received!

@Isobel Archer wrote:

I received my Q item about a week ago - no gwp.  Called customer service - she said she didn't know anything about a gwp.  Chat doesn't work - have tried every day for a week.


Posted on Customer Care and was told that I'm supposed to get it, but if I don't to post again next week.


Ordered an item from HSN.  They notified me that the item is out of stock and they don't know if they will get more, but they hope to.  So stupidly (since i wanted it, I didn't cancel it.)  I then ordered another BWB item - which I received, but no gwp.


Contacted HSN.  Oh it's one per customer and it goes with the first BWB item you order.  So then I said, well OK, I'll cancel that one since you still don't have it and transfer the gwp to the second item.


Oh you can't do that.  If you cancel the first item, you cancel your gwp.  So then I said - then you are basically telling me that even though I ordered two BWB items, I can't get a GWP.  Well you could cancel the first item and order another and if there are any left, you could get one.  Right.


Now I see that people are posting that the Q customer service said they are out of GWPs altogether.


What a racket.  I've ordered 3 tiems from two sources and will NOT apparently get a GWP from either.  I should probably return the two items I've received.  I may just do that.

HSN said on air that you could purchase from HSN & get the beauty box then go to QVC & purchase from them & get another beauty  box. The host even questioned this & was told by the control room that you could do both. Once fooled shame on you. Twice fooled shame on me. There won't be a second time for me. I will NOT participate but will give directly to my local cancer organization. Sooooooo done with QVC.