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Got mine today.  GIft box ok but the bottle of WEN oil is dated 10/2018 (manufactured date).  Just when does this product expire?  Is this safe to use?

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No bueno

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Re: Beauty with Benefits

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WOW... FOUR YEARS is a little excessive.   Smell it and see what it smells like.  I'm really  disappointed that they would send out 4 year old product.

Shampoo I would have no issue with, but oil...  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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My bottle from QVC is also dated 2018 but my bottle I got with the HSN box is dated 2016. Not happy that these are 4 and 6 years old. Will not be using them at all. 

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OMG... i can't believe they sent something that has expired years ago. 

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Just looked at my bottle.  Mfg 7/2018.  Might be peppermint oil now for my oil diffuser instead of my hair.  It does not smell rancid though.  I know they are donated by the vendors, but many complaints other years on the mfg dates of the Wen in the GWP.  I would not be happy if I paid the $62 price tag on it though.   


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Both my bottles are dated 2018 also.  I really should have looked earleir because I ordered 2 of those "try it" boxes QVC offers back in the Fall and both of those WEN products were old too.  

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received my box today...dated 12/2018.  I am NOT putting a product on my skin or any part of my body that is that old.

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You've probably already seen the other thread - yes it is safe for 2 years AFTER opening.  It's fine.


As far as the content of the box, I was so disappointed.  Definitely not worth $180. I wish I would have at least got the brush they showed.  But 2 full size products and trial sizes equal a big MEH for me.  :-(

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I can never see the title "Beauty With Benefits" without seeing "Friends With Benefits" LOL