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@Venezia wrote:

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I just received my order and there was no GWP in the box.   Had this same issue last year.  Frustrating.  (There was no additional line on my order about the GWP either)

@qgurl- I had exactly the same experience last year!  It took me ages to get the GWP, long after the event had been aired.


My order arrived today, no GWP, no mention on the invoice or on my account.  I've emailed the social team to ask about it.  I nearly didn't get it last year, as they'd run out of the GWP, even though I'd ordered early on, before the on-air show.


I don't know why there's such inconsistencies.


@Firecat1984- It seems some get the GWP in their order, others don't.  If you don't get it, contact the social team straight away.

When you say contact the social time who exactly do you mean and what method do you use for contacting? QVC shouldn't make you work to receive something you have coming to you. 

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I also hope I receive the GWP, as I look forward to this every year. For those who have received theirs I was curious if the BareMinerals wipes were included or any other makeup remover wipes. TIA!

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I recieved both the Qvc and Hsn bags.There is no mention of the bag in the invoices.

The Qvc bag came by itself.

The Hsn one came with the Carol's Daughter shampoo I ordered.

I really like the products and the bags.I get them every year.This bags have better products than usual.

My favorite item is the peach Korres lotion.I collect all scents,and the peach only came as a souffle for a limited time.


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I received my QVC bag today. It came in the box with the eyeshadow I ordered. Lots of great items! There is a full size package of Bare Minerals wipes, @NCMOMMY, and yes, I also love the Korres Olive Peach Lotion, @Bibione!
Full size tube and smells yummy! All of my items (except for packages, of course) have safety seals on them, which was great to see!
I'm waiting for my bag from HSN to arrive now.
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@Jordan2 - If you have an issue with an order that you can't resolve through normal means, you can email  The moderators on these boards are also CS reps and they're always very helpful.


However, from the last few comments it sounds like the GWP is being sent separately to some people so it's probably best to wait a bit to see if you get it so they don't get overwhelmed while there are staff shortages.  HTH.



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@TheMemphisVette wrote:

mine from hsn arrived today!


from q ... expected delivery friday!



q arrived today!


just wow @ the amount of good goodies in both!

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I placed orders at Q and H. Excited to try the Korres Peach scent! Love their body butter.


Some of the tote items will be perfect for travel bag and I already use several of the products -  WEN, Skinn DWP serum, Beekman wipes. Will be fun to try 'new to me' products that are in the totes


Hope EVERYONE gets the bonus product totes Woman Very Happy


Post your faves and if the samples are converting you as a repeat purchase customer, which ones? I'm interested in adding an eye mask to my routine and the Q tote has a sample


Have a GREAT weekend & Happy Mother's Day Heart

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I should consider the $5 WEN even if just to get the Korres Body Cream in the bag (I'd like to try the peach, but they may have other scents in some bags).  I prefer the HSN bag so hoping they add more items.  I do remember QVC sending the bags separately in the past.

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I ordered 2 of the Mally Eye Shadow Palette with Lipstick & Eyeliner. I didn’t receive them but I did receive the Gift with Purchase. I received 2 of them. I thought it was limited one per person......So many nice full size products. Very nice. I would highly recommend purchasing something just for the Gift with Purchase. The HSN was just as nice.
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Thanks for all the info, ladies! I bought one thing on QVC and one on HSN; I figure this way I should get at least one GWP. :-)