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Ever come accross a funky scent?  I sniffed a bottle of a new Nexxus shampoo and I could swear I smelled the scent of pickles or maybe green olives ( like streight from the jar) I know I am a shampoo addict but i had to say no to this lone lol

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Re: Beauty products and scents

Yes, and when something smells off, trust your nose. I recently tossed a new bottle of Cliniderm cleanser as it looked brown when I opened the bottle. It wasn't expensive so I didn't bother to return it to Winners. I suspect that it was old stock that had gone bad. Now I only stick to cleansers with no frangrance and color from brands I trust like Marcelle or Cerave.

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Re: Beauty products and scents

@kcladyz  Yes. I once ordered a Perricone try me kit. Some of the products smelled like anchovies. Back it went. On a pizza, maybe...on my face, uh, no! 


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Re: Beauty products and scents

Yes!  I'm not as anti-scent as some ladies, but that Skinn AM Cleanser always smelled like floor wax to me.  I continued to use it till the bottle was empty.... thankfully the scent didn't last after it was rinsed off. 

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Re: Beauty products and scents

Oh yeah.  I think that Drybar stuff and old pureology smell awful.  LIke strong vanilla mixed with old lady perfume.  I say old pureology because I think they wised up and changed it. 

I also am not a fan of the living proof scent; I like their dry shampoo but the scent is SO overpowering and does not dissipate, I can't use it. 


The worst is this perricone pore cream I am using.  It is so pungent and awful.  but it works, so I keep using it...Smiley LOL