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I don't purchase that brand but I know what you mean.  I went nuts for Josie Maran products that whenever she had a TSV, I would buy something even thought I didn't need it.  It's the SALE price that I wanted.  Then I noticed it would end up not being any cheaper.  Example, I had soooo many 4 oz whipped oil jars, I had to give them out as gifts or they would've gone bad.  YES that many!  So I have done pretty good since last summer 2019.  Not to mention, I hang on to more money.  

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I've been using it for 6 yrs and Im 48.  Keep in mind it takes about 7-10 DAYS for it to take full effect.  Even on "refills".  I use Dysport as it lasts longer on me.  I've tried both.  I am not a rep for either company, it's just my opinion for my own personal use.  I hope you enjoy the results.

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Stop buying pallettes of eye shadow....


I only use about half of the colors

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To not buy more skincare items until I use what I have on hand.  I have too many brands with  all their items like toner, cleanser, serums, day and night items, etc.  Want to use what I have and then go with less brands. I think  I have them organized,  but they take up too much room and I don't need to "try" so many items.  I'm on a "no buy" right now even though I did place one order for Elemis.

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Mine are -----


Use up what I have opened  first-----

Unsubscribe to the beauty boxes I had coming----- did this already

Sort thru the HUNDREDS of samples I have; decided what I will use and toss the rest----

Am tired of all the stuff!!!!


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Extreme low buy for makeup, skincare and hair care. I have been giving away, tossing and using up and still have entirely too much. 


Declutter my makeup brushes. I dont think I need over a 100. 

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If a beauty product doesn't work for me in 30days or less back to the store it goes!


And to keep it simple....settle on the few items that work for me and that's it.  I have tried to many with all the different peptides and so on...after awhile they ALL begin to break me out and flare up my rosacea.  


Tossing out anything that I haven't used up that's 2yrs old!  

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My biggest goal right now is getting all of my dental implants put in so I can give a big smile without feeling subconscious. A beautiful smile is everything!Woman Very Happy

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@iwrite, as a 71 year old woman I'll be glad to reply to your comments. I doubt any of us spend "the whole day" on our facial care. And I doubt you know that (for many of us) what we do "...isn't working."


Choose the products you want - it's your skin. For me, I'll keep the regimen I've used and improved for the past 55 years. How we choose to do that is a personal preference. At my age, I need a heavier moisturizer at night - no big deal for me. Skin care and moisturizers have improved significantly over the years, and that's a good thing in my opinion. The good thing is that you can choose to care for your skin in any way you choose, but please refrain from telling some of us that how we care for our skin is a waste of our time and isn't working. You don't know me or any of the other women here. You do your thing - I'll do mine! Have a great evening!

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hmmm, seems like you did not understand what i was saying and who i was saying it about.

when i said "it can't take up what feels like the whole day, to do", that means i don't have whatever it takes to put on several products, back to back. as long as my face is clean and moisturized, i'm good.


many categories of beauty products that i read about here that people use, i have to go look up, because i don't know what they are suppose to do.

when i said "i have heard some women say that they spend 15-30 minutes a night, doing whatever and who knows at what cost. the only thing that came to mind, but i restrained myself from saying is, "i don't know what you are doing all that time, but it isn't working."

i wasn't referring to anyone here on this forum. i was talking about people that i know. one lady i know said that she has been using some neck cream or whatever that is suppose to remove the lines/creases. if the product works as claimed, something is wrong, if one has been using it for years and still has the lines.

and if you re-read what i wrote in #2 above, i clearly stated that i restrained myself from saying what i was thinking, out loud. why? not because i care whether anyone values what i say, but because i know many women are very self conscious (sp?) about their face.