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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

Too bad the malls aren't back doing makeup.  Re:  the acne, I had it and now the darn maskne, my DD had it and still fights it.  We both had great success with ProActiv.  I took her to Smashbox in the mall and the MUA did a fabulous job.  No foundation, but a lovely job on her eyes.   So natural looking.   If she is edgy MAC usually has more edgy MUAs.  Or if you happen to have a Sephora by you and are comfortable going out, describe your daughter's likes to the SA and they will happily steer you in the right direction.

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

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Concentrate on the eyes and lips. Urban Decay has wonderful  NAKED eye pallets that the teens love. I bought my 16 year old niece who has teenage acne NAKED 3. She loves it. The teens love Benefit Cosmetics, Too faced, Smashbox, Kat Von D among others. Josie Maran has some nice Eyeshadow, mascara and lipgloss and lipstick. I had acne myself, it came out when I was 26. My dermatologist told me it was ok to wear some makeup while I was having treatment. 
Purity made simple wash helped me out with my break outs. Everyone is different. If her acne doesn't seem to clear up, don't wait too long to see a dermatologist. You want to avoid scaring; in more than one way.

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

Edgy and brightly-dyed hair made me think she probably knows who Kat Von D is. I bet she’d like something from her line - an eyeshadow palette would be my choice.  

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

I agree learning how to properly care for skin type is important. But I understand wanting to give her a "fun" gift. Last year I made my niece a beauty advent calendar. I know there's no lack of variety for store bought ones, but I wanted to include things that I thought she'd like. She's at the age where she likes to experiment with different looks, so including a variety of travel size products was ideal. She loved trying different things that she wouldn't have spent money on to try.  Some of the treats were smaller (blotting papers, nail stickers, etc); but included some nice brushes, beauty blender, a setting spray, etc. The last day included a gift certificate  for her and I to get a facial and makeup lesson. 

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

I'm just going to address the acne part since you've gotten so much good advice for the makeup.  Try The Ordinary's Niacinamide.  It's very inexpensive but don't let that fool you.  Google it Smiley Happy  Don't let her over dry her skin with products.  That can make it worse by causing more sebum production.



Colourpop eyeshadows (inexpensive and the color selection is crazy!)

lipgloss (Too Faced has some gorgeous colors)

But don't buy these products from Amazon.  They're way more expensive.

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

@PinkDogwood wrote:

@PreKteacher   I'm going to give you my rendition of a teenager growing up and experimenting with makeup.


I remember it well, my parents would never allow me nor my 2 sibs try, wear makeup. So there I stood in the girls room 8th grade with a friend of mine using her makeup. Shortly thereafter I also started breaking out with acne. Bad acne, lasted for years. The more acne, the more makeup I piled on. Thinking that I was going to hide it, it just got worse.


My mother was the worst with me, we did not get along, she never helped out me nor my situation. Granted, it was all my fault, I do still to this day think (blame) me and my friend (although she never knew I felt this way) using her stuff broke me out and then stayed (acne) until I had moved out of the house, out on my own, early/mjid twenties before I decided to take myself to a dermatologist to help me understand acne, how it happens, how to take care of myself and rid myself of acne. And together we did. It certainly was a process. I had acne bad, I have scars to prove it. I also had an Aunt who told my mother she should help me out and take me to see a Dr but knowing my mother, she just scoffed at my Aunt and me. 


And then later as life goes on I discovered ProActiv products. Miracle worker facial wash this ProActiv is. 


A little makeup in a teenager's life is okay but with great care. I do hope this isn't your daughter but if so, care for her and help her along. No scoffing please like my mother who did not care for me at all about anything. Sad story yes but I rally do say all of this with love.

Your story breaks my heart! I have taken my daughter to a dermatologist, and she has been on some low-grade antibiotics that clear up her skin beautifully, but it's not good to stay on any antibiotic for long-term, so she is currently taking a break. Her school is all virtual right now, so we plan to return to the dermatologist and possibly revisit the medication before she goes back in-person (which might be a long time away, but I won't get into that!). Anyway, I appreciate the warning, and I will remind her not to pile on too much makeup or share makeup!

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

This is such a sweet age to share with your DD.


Since it is so hard to figure out what will break one out, I would stick to eyes and lips.

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

I second Colourpop. They're affordable and the monochromatic 9 pan palletes are under $20. They also have nice lip glosses and lip scrubs. I also reccomend their Fourth Ray Beauty line. The face milks are nice, not highly fragranced, and I have sensitive skin. At 44 I still get breakouts and they didn't irritate my face.
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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

Every teen wants mascara. Why not go to Nordstroms today or tomorrow, online or in store and take advantage of their buy 2 mascaras get the third for free? See nordstrom online for details.

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

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@PreKteacher    Start with skincare and then check out Mario Badescu products.  He specializes in acne products and he may have a kit with sample sizes.  I love his products and I have been using since April.  His prices are very reasonable too. I cleanse, tone and moisturize since using his products everyday.  My skin is super soft and hydrated.  My skin is normal/sensitive.   Here is an Acne Prevention kit that is $77 but you receive 25% off and free shipping plus 3 samples.  This was under gift sets.  Or you can take the questionnaire about your skin type and receive suggestions.  For makeup check out Nordstrom or Benefit or Clinique.  They offer Christmas gifts.


Acne Control Kit

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