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I need some ideas for beauty gifts for my teen daughter. She has acne, so she avoids anything too moisturizing. She is still pretty new to using makeup and likes experimenting, but she's not a going to go for anything soft and pink. She's more of an edgy, brightly-dyed hair kind of kid! 

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

Take alook at small gift sets by Too Faced on HSN or Sephora; this company does holiday sets that are fashion/beauty forward that a teen might like.


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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

@PreKteacher wrote:

I need some ideas for beauty gifts for my teen daughter. She has acne, so she avoids anything too moisturizing. She is still pretty new to using makeup and likes experimenting, but she's not a going to go for anything soft and pink. She's more of an edgy, brightly-dyed hair kind of kid! 

gift card to Sephora or Ulta

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

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@PreKteacher   I'm going to give you my rendition of a teenager growing up and experimenting with makeup.


I remember it well, my parents would never allow me nor my 2 sibs try, wear makeup. So there I stood in the girls room 8th grade with a friend of mine using her makeup. Shortly thereafter I also started breaking out with acne. Bad acne, lasted for years. The more acne, the more makeup I piled on. Thinking that I was going to hide it, it just got worse.


My mother was the worst with me, we did not get along, she never helped out me nor my situation. Granted, it was all my fault, I do still to this day think (blame) me and my friend (although she never knew I felt this way) using her stuff broke me out and then stayed (acne) until I had moved out of the house, out on my own, early/mjid twenties before I decided to take myself to a dermatologist to help me understand acne, how it happens, how to take care of myself and rid myself of acne. And together we did. It certainly was a process. I had acne bad, I have scars to prove it. I also had an Aunt who told my mother she should help me out and take me to see a Dr but knowing my mother, she just scoffed at my Aunt and me. 


And then later as life goes on I discovered ProActiv products. Miracle worker facial wash this ProActiv is. 


A little makeup in a teenager's life is okay but with great care. I do hope this isn't your daughter but if so, care for her and help her along. No scoffing please like my mother who did not care for me at all about anything. Sad story yes but I really do say all of this with love.

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

With all due respect I have to agree with pinkdogwood. Help your daughter get rid of her acne, makeup will only make it worse. There is no make up that will make acne look better. Proactiv helped a teenager in my family have beautiful skin. If the acne is severe you should try to get to a dermatologist for help. 

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

Since she is a teen and still experimenting, I would get her makeup in mini sizes.  That way she can try different things.  Sephora has some Sephora favorites that she can try different brands in mini sizes.

Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 8.04.48 AM.png

And also, there is 10 days of Glam going on in Macy's right now.  You might be able to pick up some makeup for half off.  There is the Anastasia eyeshadow palette on sale today that looks fun for a teen girl.


But for my teen, I usually go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls, because you can find some eyeshadow palettes or gift sets for really good price.  

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

Since it's for your daughter, I would splurge and sign her up for 'dressing your truth' (google it). They cover makeup, clothes, hair based on your nature/personality. This will benefit her far more and longer than any tube of lipgloss and I know of moms that have gotten this for their daughters and they have loved it. I know I would have loved this as a teen if it had been available. 

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

@PreKteacher   I wholeheartedly agree with @PinkDogwood .  Skincare and taking care of the acne is a #1 concern before makeup. No makeup will cover possible future scars. 

I'd start with a derm appointment and let him/her get the acne treatment going. From there you and your daughter can advance to clean makeup brands.


I'd still stress the importance of skincare since this is a lifelong habit that will serve her well and keep her skin healthy and looking so great less makeup and a more natural looking foundation can be used. Then she can go all out with crazy eye makeup, etc. 

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@Re: Beauty gift for teenager?


Hi I agree with the others that good skincare is a priority . I am 57 and remember all to well the pain of acne . I still have ance prone skin and large pores . Back then many of us couldn't afford dermatologists . I also remember the embarssment of acne . Years ago many felt acne was from not washing your face and eating potato chip and fries . The truth was many of us over washed using thing like SeaBreeze , clearsil and things like that . Also makeup was a lot heavier then too . While I agree skin care is priority , pretty eyeshadow and lipgloss can really give you a boost . I would recommend ColourPop . Very reasonably priced and a great selection of colors .

Good luck 

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Re: Beauty gift for teenager?

I posted this same question on these forums last holiday season for my daughter.  As per suggestions I decided to take her to the mall and make a mom and daughter day of it.  Went to the Clinque counter for make up and the lady was great with my daughter.  Showing her how to put on make up and colors, etc.  My daughter likes make up but doesn't wear a lot of it and prefers soft colors and a more natural look but that doesn't mean that's all the have.  The lady who was helping my daughter was wearing a dark blue, bold, sparkley eye shadow.  Looked good on her.  My daughter also suffered with acne.  I took her to the dermatologist and used the prescribed prescription medications which did work.  Took a long time to start working though and it would also come back, but not as bad.  After doing research, watching videos....anything I could think of, I decided to give Cerave hydrating facial cleanser to my daughter.  Don't like the hydrating fool you.  It is oily, doesn't leave a film on the skin.  I gave her that and also differin gel and I so surprised that this is working even better than the prescriptions.  She gets the occassional pimple but not the red, raised cluster of pimples like before.  I also needed some acne help.  Entering menopause I found myself breaking out a lot.  I've been using Cerave SA Cleanser and it's been a game changer for me.  Love it!  I also have been using differin gel. (I tried the differin cleanser and that didn't work for me).  What I like about the Clinque makeup for my daughter was that it didn't seem to make her acne worse.  This was all before the pandemic though.