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For those that purchase beauty boxes, which is your favorite? There are so many to choose from: Birchbox, IPSY, Fab, Fit, Fun, Boxycharm, Allure.
I wanted to treat myself & was wondering what your experiences have been with any of them. 😊
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I used to get Fit and Fab ended up giving most of the products away, I just cancelled carebox for the same reason 

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Allure and BeautyFix are my favorites. I get Allure through Amazon so that I can easily skip each month if I don't like the spoilers. It's a good mix usually of skincare and makeup, the value is almost always great, and it is only $15 a month (and usually worth it!). BeautyFix is $25 a month and is mostly skincare. Sometimes the sizes of most items are really small, but usually there is a full-size that totally makes it worthwhile. And the small items are fun to try!

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i really like the TILI boxes that qvc has, but they have been very slow going out. it can be a bit frustrating and lots of people are complaining. i think they are going to be doing a revamp soon.

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i get the sephora, and the etsy box. they are very inexpensive.  i use about half of it.  OTOH they are only $10 each.