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Received my item today--no extra gift bag😟. Anyone else order?

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The gift ships separately

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I received the HSN BWB bag with gifts today.  I am waiting for my QVC bag and item that I ordered.  I ordered both a day apart.

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@Mk822 I ordered items from both hsn and qvc in honor of a friend who died just last Thursday of cancer.  I received my HSN order this afternoon and the Brave is Beautiful gift was included with my order and I was pleased with my purchase.  I always receive HSN before the est. delivery date and QVC always runs late in delivery.

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I received the item I ordered today ~ no gift bag.  I was told by customer service rep that it will ship seperately.  She could not tell me when, all she said was it would ship at a later date, if it was still available.  I also ordered from HSN but my order hasn't arrived yet.  I am anxious to see if they ship the beauty bag with the item.



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How to you order this from QVC

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I ordered my item first----.that has already been delivered ---and got an email that the gift bag is on its way. Checked back to see what was in it and saw it was sold out .

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Both of my gift bags came in the same box as the item I purchased.
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Re: Beauty With Benefits

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I ordered on Sunday.  Was the deliver Saturday.  It was to be UPS to USPS, it arrived today and the item and gift bag were in the same box.  UPS was in your area.  The gift bag is very nice.  I did not order from HSN.  Did everyone get fall apple WEN?

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How to you order this from QVC



Type Beauty with benefits in the search box. Then enter or submit and a page will open with the currently available products for sale in this promotion.