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I know the actual programs are airing this week but quite disappointed more products not offered ahead of time...there are maybe 10 on QVC and maybe only 4 on HSN...very lame rollout this year when purpose is to get customers to buy these products with part of purchase going towards a contribution.   

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Re: Beauty With Benefits-hello?

I totally agree. I haven't purchased anything .Unlike  previous years there is no selection.

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Re: Beauty With Benefits-hello?

I've been checking HSN every day and despite the box saying to "check back often" because they'll be adding things all through the month, it's been the same 5 or 6 items.


Some of us have wondered, if they're waiting until the night of the show because they had trouble last year with things selling out and some customers not getting the GWP.


Either way, if that's all they can offer two days before the show, I'll pass.  I've already ordered from QVC.

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Re: Beauty With Benefits-hello?

One thing this past year has taught me is that there's no much I don't need. So much I have duplicates of. So when it comes to beauty purchases I'm being even more selective than years past. 

So far, nothing on either channel has sparked an interest.

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Re: Beauty With Benefits-hello?

I try not to purchase new products I've never used, items on special sale, etc. especially if I don't need them. 


As far as charity, I prefer to donate to my own causes. That's not an incentive to buy more products from Q.