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Re: Beauty Spy?

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Doll 10 lip balms are much better and you get 4. Two of them have color.

I wear lipstick and the balm over them. Balms do not give me enough color on their own.

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@barrel racer wrote:

I have wasted so much money on Chelsea's stuff.  The black mask nearly ripped mine & many others face off.  The hair removal blades are useless and the strawberry lip plumper is a no go.  The only product that passes id Tru-Hair.  Don't waste your money.

Chelsea often acts like a kook.  I don't take her seriously.

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@Desertdi wrote:

The Beauty Spy 3-piece Triple Scoop Hydrating Lip Balm Set

@Desertdi  @bargainsgirl  I received these a couple days ago and I'm happy with them. I also have Korres and Doll 10 lip balms that I like but the shades are all different. 

I saw some mention of the colors in the stick separating but mine don't look like that would happen.