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Beauty Purchases week ending 2/7/20

Hi Beauties,  We finally got some snow and more is coming on Sunday.  I love the snow.  I hope you all had a great week and did some shopping.  I wanted to purchase but the item is out of stock so I have to wait.


Share your purchases, stories, whatever and, most importantly, Enjoy your weekend!


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Re: Beauty Purchases week ending 2/7/20

Stay safe and warm in the snow @KatCat1 .


1.  I just finished ordering 2 Mally TSVs: Sailor and Gunmetal. Bronze option already sold out!!!


***It's a good deal for me because I use Mally's liners in those shades anyway, so getting 4 different color sticks for "free" included. 

2.  I also replaced my Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Eau De Toilette...a warm, sexy vanilla scent, a new favorite. 

3.  L'Oreal Paradise mascara 


4.  Anastasia BH eyebrow powder in Cavier (2 shades of darkest charcoal/black and lighter grey). I use it wet as liner. 


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Re: Beauty Purchases week ending 2/7/20

I pre-ordered a few of the Clionadh Cosmetics stained glass shadows while they were still sale-priced.  They are multichromes, so they shift to different colors depending how the light hits them.  Those will come in April.


This is one of the ones I ordered (Gothic):



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Re: Beauty Purchases week ending 2/7/20

I purchased the Lancer oil.  I love different oils.  Heard so much about Lancer thought I'd try something.