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@monicakm - you did good this past week!  That is some brush cover - I'm not usually a sparkly person but I kind of like it.  What is the Tati Blendiful?  Is that a beauty sponge type thing?



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It's more of a velvet-like beauty sponge.  I'm not sure how will perform but I wanted to help support Tati's return to You Tube.  She came out the other side  of a rough year, a better person.

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@Katcat1   Still in the 90's in fl. but starting to get a bit less hummid.


I purchased Kayali Utopia vanilla coco 21 edp.100ml. Bought the mini first & loved it.


La Roche Posay Tolerane hydrating gentle cleanser.

Its a re-purchase. It works well for normal to dry & sensitive skin. I have a more normal skintype & my skin used to be more on the dry side until I started using products for dry skin & continue to do so. I like it as a morning cleanser, its light & creamy & leaves my skin suble & moisturized. Sometimes when I wear foundation I will use it at night as a double cleanse with my oil cleanser first. Turned out to be a review lol.



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got my beauty box yesterday---good grief---it prob weighs close to 10 lbs-----in fact closer to 11 lbs--has some good things in it--but am tossing the WEN and Isle of Paradise,?? tanning junk out----makes me smell horrible. got lots to play with!!