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@Katcat1 thanks for letting me know.  Its an introductory set of sprays and thought they would be good stocking stuffers for my DD.  She uses one his sprays already so thought this would be a good way to try others.


I'm keeping the delivery people busy this week for sure!

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I took advantage of Ulta's free shipping yesterday.  

Wet and Wild Reserve Your Cabana is no longer sold in stores. I love it and it is 1 product I hit pan on consistently. It's super cheap and to spend $6 to ship a $4 product is a head scratcher so it's nice to get free ship. 

I bought 2 of those and threw in my favorite W&W eye shadow, Silent Treatment for $2.  

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I took advantage of Ulta’s free shipping yesterday too.  Smiley Happy

I purchased a Flower Beauty Blush Bomb.  I usually use a powder blush, but have been wanting to try this for some time.  It has good reviews, and the colors look lovely.


Ulta also had a sale on ‘mini’ hair products.  I bought 3 shampoo minis for $10.  I always like buying travel size items to give them a try before investing in full sizes 

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I took advantage of Sephora's sale, too. I bought (for my niece for part of her Christmas gift); a tarte eyeshadow pallet, beauty blender, Benefit blush pallet.


There were a few things I was going to get for myself, I procrastinated and knew I'd regret it! 

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@Katcat1 wrote:

@beach-mom   Have you ever tried the fragrances by Fresh?  They have some lovely scents.  I am fond of a few.

@Katcat1 - Years ago someone gave me the Memoirs of a Geisha gift set. The spray fragrance in that one didn't last long - I loved it! Of course they never made it again. Smiley Sad

I'll have to try some of the others you recommended. In the past a lot of things I liked from Fresh were discontinued.  Smiley Happy

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Well, well, well! I’ve been on a roll with eyeshadow palettes lately. 🤦🏼‍♀️



I ordered and received this week the BH Cosmetics Naughty and Nice palettes. I love BH eyeshadows. They’re great quality! 


Today, I ordered the Colourpop Raw Beauty Kristy “At Forest Sight” eyeshadow palette, and also a lipgloss in Glacier and a brown gel eyeliner. The e/s palette is mostly green shades, but I love green e/s so I’m excited. 


Im good for a while, I think. I’ve honestly been doing good, but I wanted some new eyeshadow palettes. These are not expensive, but great quality. 


Have a a great week, ladies! ❤️❤️

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Re: Beauty Purchases 11/12

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I didn't see the Naughty and Nice palette(s)??? on their website.

You have no idea  how glad I am that I'm not a green eyeshadow person!  I need intervention in the makeup dept Smiley Surprised  Since I've been mostly house bound with  a bone on bone knee since May, I've gone nuts buying makeup and mostly e/s palettes.  I wonder if they'll let me have a full face of makeup on when I have my knee surgery? Lashes and a lip stain at the very least.

Edit: I do see the Naughty but not Nice.




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This came in today as well.  Anxious to use it for fall and winter (IF we ever get any Fall and Winter).  I'm still wearing sandals.  Pink tee with silver sailboats tonight for going out to eat.  Too warm for fall clothes but I felt silly wearing what I wore tonight Smiley Surprised


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When it first came out, I had purchased the Natasha Denona Glam Palette for myself. When VIB sale started at Sephora, I put one in my cart for my clients. Well, it sold out before I could check out. 


BB had a one day 25% sale and I purchased another Alabaster Foundation Stick (my winter touch up shade). I also got another cleansing oil, pot rouge in Powder Pink and Pale Pink. I melt them together in a glass measuring cup in the microwave and pour them back into their containers...refrigerate for an hour. That shade is better for me...not too brown and not too bright.

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I am definitely in a happy place right now with  my makeup. The only items I bought during the Sephora VIB sale was a backup pump bottle of the Deva Curl Original No-Poo and another bottle of my favorite L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil cleanser.