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Re: Beauty Bash

If you don't mind my asking are you ruby or sapphire level and what color wristband did you receive?


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Re: Beauty Bash

I'd love to go to this, and probably would, if it were held later in the month.  We're still in school here and taking off these last few days for vacation is frowned upon.  I hope all of you who go have a great time!  

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Re: Beauty Bash

@Mel Z wrote:

Is anyone going to beauty bash this June? What can I expect? I am a first excited!!

I attended a beauty bash, at least ten years ago. ( I'm not good with dates, but it was quite a while ago.)  My sister and I went. It was when you bought a ticket to the bash and made hotel reservations by faxing QVC. I think it was the only year you had to fax to get tickets. I remember faxing for an entire hour and finally got through. 


The Beauty Bash was held at QVC Studio Park. It was in a very large convention area. Tables/ booths were set up throughout the room. We had three hours to go through to as many booths as we could. We received a tote bag upon entering and a map of the room. Each vendor gave out multiple products and most were a full size. Our bags got too heavy to carry! We went out to the car to empty our tote bags! We met all of the on air vendorsfor each product line. All of them were very pleasant. Some were standouts, like Mally, Laura Gellar, Poppy King, and Maureen Kelly. They gave us tons of products and were really helpful about shades etc. 


When we got to to our hotel room, we had a gift box filled with more beauty products for each of us. We easily had over $1000 worth of products. We weren't even the top tier ticket. We purchased a "silver" ticket. The "platinum" and "gold" tickets had more benefits! It was a wonderful time, that I remember very fondly. 


I don't know what type of procedure you will follow for the Beauty Bash. You paid considerably more to attend. I hope you have a wonderful time! Please let us know all about it, when you get home.