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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

I am having issues with some of the lughtbulbs and the help chats as well. The chats keep disappearing. Unfortunately I do not have a desktop or laptop just a tablet.
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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

i totally agree.  A waste of time.  Could not get out of the lobby a lot of the time.  Used Chrome and it still was a mess. Lightbulb clues not opening.  I tried chat. Number 57. It is just not worth it.  I am so bummed.

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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

I realize it's their first virtual Beauty Bash, but I found it boring and too riddled with technical issues.  Every single area I tried to go to stalled either at the beginning or somewhere while watching (I watched on laptop). 


Even the various hosts' Q&A's were ho-hum, since they could only allow for a very small number of questions per host.  The question selected far too many times by the moderator for the host to answer was, "what lipstick are you wearing?"


I cannot compare this to the in-person Beauty Bash since I never attended one of those, so this is my first one in any format.  


I absolutely love my Beauty Bash Discovery Box filled to the brim with great items.  But this actual virtual event is a bust in my opinion.  Oh well, they tried it.

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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

I could get into the event, everytime I logged in, it would take me to the intro video and then I would click to get in the even and it woudl take me back to the login page.  Really frustrating technology, but not worth me spending time trying to figure it out, just to be sold more stuff.  

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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

Sorry for everyone having technical issues.  Fortunately, it worked well for me.


Just watched a Q & A with Elise and Valerie Sipp.  Elise looked great as always.  I do wish the Q & A's were a little longer.  


Watched the Q & A w/Shawn also.  One question was how has her beauty routine changed since becoming a mom.  She replied saying she doesn't bathe as much.  

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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

So I love my box! In years past I have had the good fortune to attend in person and it has always been fun and informative. As I stated above I do not have a desktop or laptop so I had the tablet to work with and it was glitch filled. I had to out and back in a few times. I did see some brands I was not familiar with so that is a plus. One last thing....for the love of God before I lose my mind what is the beauty bio word? Haha but really? A little help?
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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

Hi I tried to get into one of the links after it ended the one with Elise Ivy and it is asking for a meeting ID in Zoom. Any solution. I loved the gift box, but I thought they would go over those products abit presented by the vendor who they were from. Also expected some special pricing items just for this event. Had trouble with the lightbulb, but customer service did help you just had to wait. More giveaways on air would have been helpful and knowing that you can go back to the exhibits for the next 7 days before hand would have been nice too know. I felt like i was missing stuff. This needs some rethinking and it could have been a blast! Thanks to all the vendors who participated and nice to be introduced to some of the newer vendors.


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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

I thought it was poorly set up. There should have been live interviews with the vendors. I didn't waste my time.

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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

I give it 100% Effort


I thought the layout was nice, at times the page wasn't responding but with that amount of people, I can see why.


My lightbulbs always worked


I'm not a FB or Instagram member so that didn't appeal to me.


I had a couple chat sessions with Laura Geller and she was very imformatative and nice.  I enjoyed her video since I'm a baker and thought it was great.


I didn't win for the every 10 minute giveaway.


Overall, I loved the beauty box, I didn't get the spray applicator for the bronzer in the box, not even sure if they gave us one.


I like the virtual option since I would not get on a plane and go in person so the opportunity to participate was nice.


I thank all the vendors for their time and answered questions.


I do have some suggestions, during those 3 hours, I would like the opportunity to buy product at a discounted price.  That would really be an incentive to buy it now vs. wait and think about it.


I would of liked a "light" so you can click on it and it would explain the product they put in the beauty box.


I know the website, the boxes, the planning and implementation takes a lot of time and effort by a team of people, so thank you, it was greatly appreciated. 



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Re: Beauty Bash? just more shopping

@shoppingless Big disappointment for sure......I liked the beauty box...but the "bash" wasn't worth the 3.50 for the ticket...