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I have thought about this..... there is an old adage: " If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all". We would all do well to take that advice.


We would all do well to visit our previous posts and see the comments and hearts.....

We would all do well to think before we post something v then bash people for posting and being immature and calling them names.



We would all do well to think about what we are saying-before we even print it here.

You Ned to think about about what you are saying.....wake up! You are known and you are not in favorable circumstances here.  What can you do to change that?


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Re: Beach waves

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@151949 wrote:

I can not possibly imagine getting up every morning and doing all those curls before leaving for work.

@151949 - I'm retired - just for a change when I go to dinner with friends. 

IMO - this is a look appropriate for someone much younger - not a retiree. But , hey, do your own thing.


OMG.  I never knew that my naturally beach wavy hair is inappropriate for my age!   Smiley Surprised


I guess I should start thinking about a little white pixie?


Not gonna happen!

@mstyrion 1   I was just about to ay the same thing!    That's the way my hair looks naturally!   And, I'm really OLD!

ETA:   ... and the 40-something guy who cuts my hair styles it that way!   

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@151949 wrote:

It's a matter of personal opinion - and my opinion is that a woman old enough to be retired (60's) who wears teenage hairstyles and teenage clothes styles doesn't look younger (as I assume is her goal) but just looks silly. Thus the term Age appropriate. However, this is My OPINION and certainly everyone else is entitled to their OPINION. But I have as much right to express my opinion as anyone else.

Beach waves are hardly a teenage hair style @151949. You can wear them at any age and they can be worn with lots of different lengths of hair to make them more age appropriate. I have seen ladies in their 60s who have bobs and style their hair into beach waves and it looks great and very age appropriate. 


Many women even retired women still take an interest in how they look and like to put a little a effort into what they look like because they feel better about themselves. I know you don't care to color or style your hair and are happy wearing not a stitch of makeup with a pair of capris and the most comfortable pair of shoes you can find regardless of the style. If that is what you like, that is fine but if you are so happy I don't understand the need to put every woman down who does put in an effort and accuse them of trying to be a teenager. 


Just from how you describe what you like, I suspect many women here are glad you are not the standard bearer for what to expect as they age.

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Poodlepet2, thanks for the info.  I will check it out.

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@NESSADALE, for some reason, "Tigi" was omitted.  Look up "Tigi Bed Head A Wave We Go".