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Re: Bath & Body Warm Vanilla Sugar

@justashopper   I am one of those people; the stench of play doh is NOT something I want smell like!! In the end, I've discovered not all warm vanilla sugar scents are equal and once I find one, I stick to it like glue as I love that smell in real life!!

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Re: Bath & Body Warm Vanilla Sugar

@Sapphiregal wrote:

I used to hate fragrances with any hint of vanilla in them. Today I was in Bath And Body and got a slight whiff of this fragrance that someone had just sprayed. I was shocked to see that it was one of their Fall fragrances called Warm Vanilla Sugar because I LOVED it!!! My sense of smell must be changing. I just had to buy some! LOL!!! After wearing it for a little while, it kind of dries down to more of a sandlewood.

I like Vanilla scents.  But you lost me at Sandalwood. Also, while I still have some Vanilla Bean Noel and Lemon Vanilla in my stash from B&BW, I generally find I prefer other bath and body brands so don't buy from them anymore (other than candles when on sale).