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Bare Minerals foundation in photos

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a foundation that looks good in photos (including flash photos). I recently attended an event where I wore a liquid foundation and my makeup looked terrible in the pictures. I was wearing a primer with sunscreen, Stila foundation (no Spf) and mineral veil. My skin looked very shiny and kind of washed out - like the foundation was the wrong color. But my makeup looked fine to me when I left the house.

I asked this question on Beauty Banter, also, and the only response I got was to wear BE foundation - specifically matte.

I have read things in the past that the original foundation may look shiny in photos. And I'm not sure whether I can wear only the matte foundation by itself.

Is it the Spf that makes makeup look "off" in flash photos?

Any suggestions on specific BE products that look good photos?