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Good Morning Beauties!


Has it been stated if the shades of the blush, eye-shadow and lip gloss change or stay the same in future auto deliveries of today's TSV?


I need more foundation and the deal seems great, but I do not want 5 of the same shade in the blush, eye color and lip as the auto delivery plan progresses.



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The description shows same colors.  I have never gone thru a BE shadow but did go thru my favorite blush.  You can gift those items to someone else on the Auto Delivery if you chose it.

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Thank you!  


The gift idea is great, but I don't know anyone IRL who loves make-up as much as I do, so I'll stick with a single shipment.

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I called CS to see if they had any info on whether or not the colors of the blush, shadow and lip gloss changed in each shipment, but they couldn’t find any. Since they haven’t mentioned different colors in any of the presentations, I guess we can assume the colors don’t change. If we opt for AD, I guess we will have a plethora of the same blush, shadow and gloss. The value for the Foundation is great, but I don’t know enough people to gift the other items I’m still on the fence if I want one time or AD.

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Carolyn said the brushes change but I haven’t heard that the colors change. Ironically, CS has answered this question on the product page saying nothing changes, and it’s the same kit each time. Sounds like they haven’t figured it out yet. 

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I'd be surprised if they don't change (it seems many beauty TSV's that contain color items do change colors with future shipments), however with a lack if clarity on the issue, it's probably safer to stick with a single shipment. 


The colors here are very pretty, just not something I'll use duplicates of.


Thanks ladies, and for those who purchase: enjoy!



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I knew I wasn't going to get the TSV, but I was hoping I would see something new I'd like. I was disappointed by the selection of BM products, I bought nothing.

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The Bare Minerals vendor, Jessica, said the colors would not change on auto-delivery.

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I only ordered the single shipment because they said the colors would not change. I think that was a poor decision. Why not change the colors? They have plenty to choose from.

I would have went on A/D if they did.


I really used to enjoy the beauty TSVs from QVC years back when the colors changed each time. I got some great kits from LG, Bare Minerals, Tarte, and Mally.


I haven't been interested in the beauty TSVs in awhile. I wish they would do some more of the makeup kits with changing colors each time. 


Oh well, saves me money, and of course, I have more than enough makeup anyway. Woman Very Happy

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Has everyone who ordered received their kits by now?  I thought I'd give it a try for a lighter, quicker makeup option for summer.  I chose the light beige shade.  The color match is excellent but the finish is so shiney.  I also noticed that even though my face was nicely moisturized prior to application, it seems really dry afterward.  I'm probably going to return the kit.  Another spontaneous purchase mistake.