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Re: Bar soap or liquid soap for hand washing?

I think I disagree that pump soaps are more hygenically clean than bar soap. In fact just last weekend we went to the health food store to purchase bar soap and a marble-like soap holder thinking the opposite.


I love attractive liquid soap dispensers and am willing to pay for them, but that pump is harboring lots and lots of germs. And we are not going to sanitize the soap dispenser every time we use it. The labels would get all jacked and that defeats the purpose of paying for an aesthetically-pleasing brand.


I too worried about a messy soap dish, but that doesn't seem to be happening. 

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Re: Bar soap or liquid soap for hand washing?

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I love Goat Milk stuff liquid soap.  Use it in foamer bottles.  It is a little pricey so I ordered their shreds (pre shredded from their bar soaps) and put 4 oz of those in 9 cups of water.  Melted the soap shreds in the hot water and let it stand for 24 hours, used a whisk to blend, then put into empty soap bottles or you can use mason jars with lids.  It made tons for $5.  It feels great and my hands are soft and smooth.



Is it safe to do this without preservatives?  This is part of an article I was reading about adding water to make your own substance:


Put more simply, the soap in your dispenser is specially designed to prevent bacteria from multiplying in the water that collects in there. When you dilute those preservatives with even more water, the very substance you’re using to remove the germs from your hands becomes itself a small germ factory — by using it, you’re actually making your hands dirtier than they were in the first place.

I'm not a scientist so I can't answer your question.  I have never seen any type of discoloration in this soap nor have I smelled anything nasty.  I use hot water to melt the soap flakes and it works for me.  Using such a high quality product from Goat Milk Stuff makes me feel confident in the finished product. The containers I use are sealed and stored in my basement.  I'm not the lease bit concerned.