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Bad Moment Changed by Cozy WEN Moment, What's your story...

I was going through a rough time a friend had hurt and humiliated me in front of 26 of my associates, my doctor told they found something in my throat and that they have to biopsy and and and… There was so many thing that felt horrible to me I did not think anything would change my mood. Until…

My cozy WEN moment, I was too tired to get in the shower and shave my legs so I got out a razor laid my towel on the floor at my feet and a bowel of very warm water and started shaving my legs with my Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner by the time I was finished I felt amazing. Things were not so bad after all and I could see my way out of my sadness. The smell surrounded me like a favorite blanket, my skin amazingly silky to the touch. I just felt loved, like everything was going to be ok. Funny how smells can do that… The warm glow of candlelight radiated from the inside out and I was beautiful. I had no one to call to get out what I was feeling but I was able to change my mood and I wanted that more than anything at that moment. It could not and did not change the facts facing me but I could better handle them from a place of optimism than from the misery that had nested in my shoulder blades like a ton of bricks. When I finished I cleaned everything up and ran myself a candlelight bath with some Epsom Salt put some Ginger/Pumkin in my hair and drifted away to WEN land. When I finished I showered washed & blow-dried my hair and went to bed thinking about how I was going to start taking care of me. Singing like I want to, buying me some cozy pajamas so that I can sit in-front of my portable fire place this winter and read a real book by my favorite author on cold winter nights how I am going to continue my commitment to my health by surrounding myself with healthy relationships in all forms and taking care of my needs mentally, emotionally physically spiritually and financially. If you have a Cozy WEN Moment share one, if not make one and share it it is sooooooo worth it. I hope I inspired you, thank you for letting me share.

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