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@monicakm    Do you actual!y use what seems like your dozens of palettes or do you just admire them?

She must have unlimited funds.

@goldensrbest    You'd think they would absorb moisture from the air, change color, and deteoriate with time.

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Estee Lauder

"Be The Light" is the name of the palette

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You would both be wrong.

Do you leave your makeup out on the counter and open?  I don't.

Do you not have ventilation in your bathroom?  I do.

Do you not have a ceiling fan in your bathroom? I do.

Why do I constantly have to defend myself in this forum?

Unlimited funds?  Are you serious?  If I had unlimited funds ladies, I would have bought the first two $1,666 Blake Shelton tickets for his upcoming Oklahoma concert.  Strike that.  I'd hire him to do a private concert on my $2M yacht (1 of 6 dotted all over the globe).  Good grief!

As far as deteriorating over time, all makeup does.  Please don'ty worry about MY money and I won't worry about yours.

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Thanks for the information.