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@NoelSeven wrote:

My grandmother had beautiful white hair in her 80s, she would start to get a little yellow in it and she used bluing to get it out.


I just did a quick search and people are still using bluing to get the yellow out.


Here is the product and a write-up about using it on hair:


Whiten Hair and Pets

Countless letters from elderly citizens tell us that Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing is a wonderful addition to the rinse water when washing gray or white hair. It eliminates yellowing and gives their hair that beautiful whiteness which cannot be obtained even by products made especially for that purpose. It is absolutely safe, and because it is used by the drop, costs less than a penny per use! Use just a couple of drops in the rinse water. No wonder hair salons are beginning to contact us! Because we haven’t tested MSB for whitening hair, we don’t publish a specific formula. However, our customers tell us they wash and rinse their hair as normal. Then, they dilute a “couple” or a “few” drops of MSB in 1-2 quarts of water and run the diluted bluing through their hair as the final rinse. Some do this with every washing, some only when needed.


It's about $10 for a pack of two on Amazon.


I would be very afraid this would turn my hair blue.