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@shiloh 81 wrote:

I think for me, I was expecting this channel to be alot of beauty products that are on the Q that NEVER get air time. That's what I would like to see, more variety. I don't watch the channel alot but anytime I do flick the channel over its the same OLD reruns over and over again. I do love the idea of the channel because I love to watch beauty shows (that's pretty much all I watch on the Q). I really get board of the same exact products all the time.


Also one thing that bugs me is, why when they show foundation colors do they just show pictures of faces. I want to see the colors on someone's hand so I can see the undertones. That's one reason why I never buy foundation from the Q unless I can go to the Mall or Ulta to check the color out in person.



Absolutely @shiloh 81


That totally bugs me too! 


I'd even rather see the compact itself up close than those face pictures.


I want to see the undertones as well!  Yellows?  Pinks?  Orangey?


Is it a lighter medium?  Do I need to go to tan?  Showing me those same faces and giving me the same old verbal spiel doesn't work.


And since they won't refund your original shipping any longer, I also won't try new foundations on Q any more.

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I started watching regularly just before Christmas and initially enjoyed it. Your observations on the technical problems are accurate, but I have observed improvements over time. I'm sure there is a learning curve with producing a show that focuses so specifically on beauty and I believe they will quickly resolve lighting, framing, camera angles, etc. Personally, I have abandoned all hope of surviving a Mall appearance. Her sudden and dramatic shrieks and laughter wreak havoc on my speakers and are just over the top. But to each his own, right? After one month, I feel like I have pretty much seen everything and I have seen it more than a couple times. I've heard about Elise's highlighter obsession at least 5000 times, watched Gina put her hair up in pin curls a dozen, and endured the "What's your beauty IQ" line ad nauseum. You might be thinking that all the repetition is for the benefit of potential new viewers, but the truth is, the numbers appear to be steadily a big way. Last night, the number of people in the chat hovered barely above 30. And on to the topic of the chat. At its best, the chat is a wonderful mechanism for viewers to ask questions and exchange opinions on products and give their personal experiences. There is a certain amount of casual discussion of weather, children, pets, and so forth. At its worst, however, the chat becomes a mental health hotline for a select group of lonely individuals to monopolize with discussion of their health problems, medications, dying relatives, and entirely too much other personal information. They comment if the hosts fail to give them a "shoutout" like they're mortally wounded. Clearly, these are sad, lonely people who are desperate for attention, and they certainly deserve our compassion, right? Maybe not 4 hours a night, 5 nights a week, over and over and over on a BEAUTY SHOW! It is distracting, a real downer to the chat flow, and after several consecutive nights, extremely monotonous. I mean, there ARE real crisis lines for these things! After a while, you just sound like a pathetic, whiny loser intent on sucking any enjoyment out of the show for the rest of us just so you can hear your name on TV! And one final note:  you all really do need to stop telling people that every single foundation is "very forgiving" and swatch the actual shades so the undertones can be viewed. They matter. A LOT.