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Anyone try both?



longer barrel

tourmaline-ceramic (S1 regular -ceramic)

a little higher temp- which we wouldn't use


regular - S1 $130

Pro- $200




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Re: BEACHWAVER Regular vs Pro

Waaayyyy overpriced !

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Re: BEACHWAVER Regular vs Pro

I can't speak to the Regular but I have the Pro and I never use it.  If I hadn't got it almost for free with my Ulta points, I would have returned it.  


I thought I would like the fact that it does the winding for you, but I really do not like it at all.  I much prefer my regular curling iron or wand.  It is also very heavy and my hair doesn't hold the curl well even though I use the same temp as my other irons.


Every few months, I'll pull it out and give it another try and I always end up reminded of just how much I dislike it.  


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Re: BEACHWAVER Regular vs Pro

I have both but I don't think the automatic winding is worth the premium price.