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BE Haul from today's Sephora Grand Opening...

Oh wow. What a glorious day, and not only the weather. It's no longer a beauty wasteland here where I live. BE Boutique opened March 25th. Sephora opened today. ULTA opens in June. I am in so much trouble. I may need to work overtime to fund my Sephora & BE Boutique habit, especially since each store is 2 miles from my work. Uh oh!

I was texted by a friend 45 minutes after the Sephora grand opening this morning at 10:00 am and she said the line for checking out was all thru the store & out the door down the sidewalk. WHA? Had BFF put the 2 items I was absolutely gonna get (Hot Ticket & Buxom Pups Palette) on hold for me, & I am SO glad she did. They were out of all the great hot new BE items when I got there after work, including the two I was dying to get. So here's my haul & immediate take on what I've swatched:

Hot Ticket - if you like pinks, you MUST get this. Beagle has got to be the best Buxom pup they've put out to date. WOW. A lavendery-lilac shade with iridescent sparkle. I need a bigger pot of this already. The Dani Buxom is really pretty too, a great complement to Beagle. Buxom mascara is my HG and this is a full sized one in the set, so that's awesome. Got a mini Insider Eyeliner in Black Jasper, my first one actually, and it's a good basic color that I'll likely use quite a bit. Full size Beagle & Mascara, and mini of the lipgloss (standard mini size, not the micro mini) and Insider Eyeliner. The price on this was a steal. GET IT.

Buxom Pups Palette -this is fantastic, even if they did put an existing shade in the quad. They are ALL full sizes too. Mutt is the one we already know & many love. Great single eyecolor look for a dash & go look (ala Kiki). But the other three - if you have Rethink #3 and love the Alive eyecolor, you will go bonkers for Terrier. GORGEOUS. Buxom Pup version of Alive with a bit of shimmer (and if you get Hot Ticket, it plays beautifully with Beagle). Whippet is this amazing golden color that is nothing like Collie or Poodle Buxom pups. It will be stunning with Golden & Gorgeous if you already have that. Pekingese is this vivid Caribbean Ocean blue that you've got to see to believe. It's super megawatt intense in the pot, but can be applied so sheer that it's like looking thru the most amazing clear ocean water. I have to admit, I am a pekingese fan (and Pugs too) so this instantly got my attention, even if it's not a color I'd ordinarily wear (but I'm sure gonna give this one a go). But the color is a knockout.

Picked up 2 more Buxom Smoky Eye Sticks - Brass Knuckles (coppery bronze) and Bow & Arrow (gorgeous green shade). These are great colors, and are the last two colors of the line I've wanted to get that are available (the remaining 2 are great colors, but I don't think I'd get that much use out of them). And I know I sound like a broken record, but either of these would be "da bomb" (I hate that saying, but it applies here) with Golden & Gorgeous. Ok, I admit, what doesn't look good with G&G? Explains why it sold out so darned fast at ULTA. If you can find one, grab it, it's the kit for the summer.

Got several perfume samples: Boyfriend by Kate Walsh, Jennifer Aniston's new perfume, Tom Ford's Black Orchid & White Patchouli perfumes, Prada L'eau Ambree, & Michael Kors' Very Hollywood. Really was dying to check out the new Escada fragrance - Taj Sunset, but they only had the 4-pc coffret available and nothing open to try out, and no Escada fragrance on the wall with the other lines, so not sure what's up with that (web only says "Limited Edition" not "Online only"). I won't buy a frangrance without getting to test drive it, so that little set stayed there. But I've been dying to try some new stuff, and as you can see from my samples, I'm all over the map with these.

Also picked up a Sephora brand cream lip stain to try out. Not a great selection of colors, some really odd ones, but the Dark Berry color looked like it might be a good one to start with.

Now the big question..........what to wear first!!!