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BE Daily Chat for ~ Thursday Jan 26th ~

Hi pretties. Good Morning to all you BEauties!

Well we are waiting on an update about Laura. Thanks Nascar for posting up her thread on that. Our prayers are with you Laura.

And today we have Lili going in for her surgery. Some of us will be wearing a few of her fav e/c today. S#x Kitten, Emotion, Halo, Q. Tiffanny and Pink Ice Blush was shared by Sandy OhOh. There IS a thread that in post 10 there are alot! of lippie choices. I'll see if I can find it again. Couldn't remember now for the life of me.

FOUND IT! Wowe...okay, post 10 for lippies!

I had a good day out. A nice little evening rest, a good dinner -Salmon- and NO Wawa huge choco chip. Day one, under my belt! Bff & are are going to 'report' to each other going forward. He needs to get into training shape for cycle season, I just need to get in shape, lol! I have a low impact stepper I'll be pulling out to help get back on track!

Its nearing the end of the week. Also love this time of the week. As Bethee mentioned week is FEBUARY! OMG! Where does it GO?!

Prayers to all of our girls right now. Hope we hear from Cat soon. We are thinking of you!

As always I wish everyone a BEautiful Day{#emotions_dlg.wub}