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BE Daily Chat Tues. Dec. 28

Good Afternoon Girls,

How is your day going so far? I'm nursing lower back pain. Guess I did too much with the GC the other day. It'll take time but it will get better. It always does this to me if I do too much. Especially things I'm not use to doing.

Have any of you had to stand in the return lane yet? I have several things that need to go back but I can't do it now. My FIL tries so hard but he always gets the sizes wrong.

He isn't doing to good right now. He has been taking radiation for prostate cancer and it is getting to him. So if you could remember him in your thoughts and prayers it would make me so happy. Thanking you in advance.

Please remember all of those that are in need our of thoughts and prayers. Especially those that are still struggling to get through the rest of the holiday season. Thank you.