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BE Daily Chat Thurs. Feb. 10

Good Morning to all you BEauties out there,

How is your day going so far? I'm lazy and don't need to be. My FIL told me that we are having a family dinner and get together, get this now, AT my House this Saturday for my DH's B'day. I had already made plans. Didn't plan on the whole family coming to the house for dinner. He made a point to tell me what to cook!! I told him I had made plans already. Well, you know me my plans are cancelled and I have a lot of cleaning and shopping to do. LOL You just never know about your in laws do you? He did finish his radiation. Yay!! So I'll be busy for the next 3 days. Gotta make a list.

Wishing all of you a great day today.

Please remember ALL of our BE Sisters and their families today. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. If I get an update I will share here on the DC. If any of you get one please share with us if you can. So far everyone is the same as yesterday. Getting a little bit better one day at a time. Which is good.