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BE Daily Chat Thurs. Dec. 30

Hey to all my BE Sisters today.

How is your day going? I'm still nursing a heating pad. My DH had to help me out of the bed this am. But I'm moving better now. Guess tomorrows returns will have to wait. I was so looking forward to finding a few deals. If there are any left by now.

I see most of us are staying in tomorrow night. I will be watching SC Gamecocks play in the Chick Filet Bowl. Fun!!!! Monday night VA Tech plays in their bowl. Forgot the name of it.

Are we getting together on the forum for our own NYE party? I read it on the DC yesterday. Just say the word and I'll be here. If I don't have the GC. You know how that goes in my house. They just say the word and they are here to spend the night. Love it!!

Please remember all of those still in need of our thoughts and prayers today.