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Good Morning Girls,

How are you today? It's Monday!! Laundry day. Yay! Not. Bummer. We should be use to it by now. Well I had to cut my visit with the GC short yesterday and spend part of it at the Dr. office. I had been up and down all night passing kidney stones. ouch!! I go for a CT scan tomorrow b/c the Dr thinks I have 1 lodged that won't move. ouch is right. So I've been in some pain. But the worse part was seeing two little ones cry when they had to leave early yesterday. That broke my heart. We had a busy but fun weekend. I told them I should be all better when they come back and we have planned a trip to Toys R Us!! I gave them $5 and told them to save up their allowance for our trip. Still didn't help my heart but it did put a smile on their little faces.

Please remember our Fluffy and Miss Cleo today. Remember our Sisters still in need of our thoughts and prayers today.