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Hey Girls,

How is your day going? It's Monday. So that means laundry and cleaning up after the weekend. My house is a mess today. After having the GC this weekend I didn't pick up all the messes we made. I knew I could do it today and have time with them instead of cleaning. We made a checker board yesterday and tried to play checkers. It ended up being checker army fights!! The imagination of a 7y/o GS. It is so pretty outside again today. It looks like Spring in SC and the pollen is in full force too. But after today of being in the 80's we go back to the 60's for the rest of the week. I'm really stressing about all my plants that have come up and the buds on the trees. Hopefully, there won't be a hard freeze. One can only hope for that.

Have a great day today.

Please remember all of our Sisters still in need of our thoughts and prayers today. Keep the circle strong.