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BE Boutique freebies 10.27 through 11.1 (includes email link)

Here's the scoop on the new "FREE-FOR-ALL" promotion only in the Boutiques (not online, not at Sephora, etc.): one free Midnight or Granite B&B just for visiting, and one free Thank You eyecolor with a purchase. Limit one liner and one eyecolor to a customer. Promo runs today Thursday 10.27 through next Tuesday 11.1. If you got the email, make sure to print your email and bring it with you!

But never fear--if you did not get an email yet, try this link below, which should let you view the content online AND print it out. Note: I tried printing it by clicking the "print this" button and it didn't work, but I was able to print it using my normal print commands. Including the fine print it spilled over onto two pages.