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BB Regular is too brown/dark for me

Sadly I've determined it is just too much so. I put some next to my usual BE (Golden Medium, I think, can't keep up with all the new names) and it is downright brown in comparison. I don't think it looks brown on my face, but I did detect a bit of contrast with my neck/chest...major no no. I think the Fair will be too light because the Reg. is just barely too dark. I don't tan so I don't think I should save it for summer. I'm bummed because I like the finish.

I also think the Champagne Spackle has sparkles. It was a concern after reading the reviews but I figured I'd see for myself. At first putting it on my hand I thought it was OK but when it dried it seemed to accentuate the tiny glitter particles and when I looked at the fingertip I used it was really evident.

The blush and e/s are beautiful and true shimmer without sparkles. But I can't keep them if the BB and primer are not maximally useful.

I think if I return this kit I will feel better getting the new DR. D TSV. I actually do need to purchase Hydroshield and have been waiting for a kit.