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Just today I got a coupon book from B&BW with all the Holiday scents.  No specific dates - all it says is:  Coming Soon!


Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, Coconut Mint, Snowy Morning....

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@Sunshine Kate That was one time!  Ha!  I almost wish it hadn't been so quick because it spoiled me....The other times weren't that quick but it probably takes two days.


I get so much QVC junk (errrr....stuff) I am too busy being (angry////let's call it angry) because what used to take a few days now takes at least 1 week for me to get my items from QVC.


I am way more frustrated with QVC than Amazon.  Between taking so long and the slips (which are now so crimpled and separated in the package since QVC started using yet another delivery company.....) well, anyway,   Ha!