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I have a bottle of cold pressed avocado oil in the pantry so I got the idea and decanted some in a dropper bottle, similar to Josie's Argan oil bottle, and I now use it on my face.


I like it especially for a couple of days after getting a chemical peel when I don't want to put anything harsh on my skin, just want to moisturize, otherwise I just use some at night.

As you know, it's rich in omegas.


I suppose I could do the same with olive oil but I think it would be too greasy, but still beneficial. The avocado oil gets absorbed, not sure if olive oil would.


Does anybody else use avocado oil on their skin? Do you like it?

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Yes, i find it really good for dry skin.

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Re: Avocado Oil

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Yes, I use avocado oil on my face daily, I love it, right now using it at night blended 50/50 with grapeseed oil


I use all different oils during daytime, 4 or so drops added to any moisturizer I am using, I rotate the ones I have 


Using oils I think keeps my skin soft, I am 58 & would never be without oils


I don't use olive oil, but use alot of oils from different countries, marula, maracuja, etc