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At some point you have to use a "CLARIFY" shampoo to remove build up...

Hello, Wenners; I have been reading a LOT of threads/post about people not liking some of the WEN products; the products makes their hair dull, oily, flat, etc..... I'm AA with short tapered hair sides and back. I have tried a few products, but the one I love is the Fall Ginger Pumpkin (FGP). I have found that if I use a clarifying shampoo FIRST, wash 2X, then use the FGP, let it sit in my hair, continue with my shower, then rinse it out, MAN OLE MAN, my hair is soft and manageable. The shampoo that I used was sulfate free and parafen free. IMO, just try using a clarifying shampoo, first, then proceed with your WEN product of choice.

Have a GREAT day, WENNERS; I look forward to your responses.