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As promised -- Vit C Brightening DOES work! review

I promised to report back in another post if Dr. D's Pro-C brightening serum would lighten melasma spots on the sides of my face. After two days of faithful use, by day two the skin around the dark area was lighter. Looking closer, the actual spot appears to be lighter, as areas within the larger spot are lightening first! Another poster suggested using the serum heavily on the "spotty" areas which I did. Oh my goodness! I hesitate to report this. But this is not my imagination!

Another poster was asking if someone would try using it on the hands where freckling occurs -- you bet! I'm starting that and will report back on that experiment too!

I have had the area of my face (diagnosed as melasma at first, about 20 years ago after pregnancy) cryo'd off with no luck. Products used unsuccessfully include: tri-luma, renova; SPF 60 sunscreen faithfully every day to minimize exposure to darkening from uv lights.

I have posted this on another thread, that I feel Dr. D's products are full of "actives" and personally would never buy from an unreliable vendor that might be selling older, less effective products. This serum fits my lifestyle for use, and my skin glows later in the day, which is always a surprise to me! That is usually when my skin looks saggy and "blah." I think she's really got something here, but as with any brand of product, it doesn't work if I don't put it on! lol {}

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