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I know there has been a lot of discussion about argan oil suppliers. Originally I tried small size JM oil and really liked it so I purchased more during the 20% off sale at Sephora. I add a couple drops to my moisturizer (for my face) and love it on my cuticles and eye lashes. I decided to look for a less expensive option -- specifically for my nails. For some reason I don't mind spending $ on my face -- but I don't want to spend as much on my cuticles.

I ordered 2 oz. of Argan Oil from Posh Peddler on Monday. It arrived today. I just tried it and it seems identical to JM. Same consistency - no smell. I suspect I'll use it on my face & my nails. I'll return my unopened bottle of JM to Sephora.

Posh Peddler was easy to work with - fast delivery -- and less the half as much as JM. Just thought I'd share my experience if there are others trying to save money.