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Anyone use one of the Airbrush Makeup systems? Temptu or Luminess Air?

I have heard a lot of good reviews for both and also a few not so good. The Temptu is WAY more expensive but seems far more professional, but then you have to buy those replacement "pods" which costs as well. A lot of women like the Luminess and it is a lot less to get the bottles of refills and they last a long time.

I was just wondering if they are all the hype says they are. There are a lot of women who say it is fast, doesn't settle in lines and looks much better than any makeup they have ever used. Some say it leaves their skin too "dewey' and others love it.

It is quite a bit of money. One comes with a carry case and a starter kit.

I would love to hear any reviews or experiences good or bad. It seems like it is quick, easy, and has a really nice finish. It seems like it has good coverage without being heavy or drying. Thanks in advance for your help. Smiley Happy