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Anyone use Soolantra for Rosacea? Side Effects

I have pretty mild Rosacea. My doctor prescribed Soolantra cream for it. From what I've read online there are very minimal side effects- skin irritation, burning and that's it. 


When I use it for a period of time, after 4 or 5 days, I have fatigue. Not go to bed kind of fatigue, but more fatigue than usual. I can't figure out a cause for it other than the Soolantra. When I stop using it, the fatigue tapers off.


I see my dermatologist in May and will ask him about it and I've very recently had lots of blood work for something else and all that looked fine. 


Just checking to see if anyone else has any sort of "issues" using Soolantra. 

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Re: Anyone use Soolantra for Rosacea? Side Effects

I would suggest you call your pharmacist....he may be able to tell you the side effects of this medication. Also make sure you are using to much. I too have a slight case of Rosacea. My problem is not redness, I have 2 vey light spots on my hight cheek bones, but my face can burn something can feel the heat if you touch my face. I am about to start an antibioctic lotion. When I talked to my Pharmacist he suggested to apply it with a q-tip only on the areas that are acting up. 


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Re: Anyone use Soolantra for Rosacea? Side Effects

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iam not replying to your side effect but good luck w/ the dr knowing it all i have been sick 15 yrs but i have an idea for your rosacea- go to and in the search bar rosacea see what comes up .you can also you atopalm w/ panthenol or the atopalm w revitilization.even talk to the custoimer service as it is a womern who works out of her home and knows it all about the line. i have a skin issue as well. HTH. good luck abd PLMKSmiley Happy

i am back for a 2nd time just went to the site for you

 best products for you  are atoplam instensive (thinner) and atoplam mle in the jar(thicker) .if you go and type in rosacea you will see picsof befor and after of use of a cream on a rosacea patient and some info to read.THEY ARE HAVING A GREAT SALE NOW, 3-5 (iam not yelling)and have a great returm polcy.i also like their cleansing wipes as well. PLMK what you think.