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Re: Anyone use Mary Kay Skincare??

I loved the skincare so much I sold it back in 1992.  That's when they had cleanser, toner, moisturizer.  I don't care for the products they have now - Timewise.  If they were to go back to those original products I would definitely purchase again.  My skin was amazing.

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Re: Anyone use Mary Kay Skincare??

My friend (in her 50's) is a rep and has used it for decades.  Her skin looks amazing.  She has the prettiest skin of any of my friends.  That being said, she is a redhead so has always avoided the sun.  But I believe the Mary Kay has made her skin the best it can be.  I use Retin A and products recommended by Angie of Hot & Flashy and Dr. Dray, but I wonder if I had been using Mary Kay all these years, if my skin would be better than it is now.

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Re: Anyone use Mary Kay Skincare??

My experience with Mary Kay has been a pleasure.  Products all work for me.  Serums are fantastic.  Even if you have to pay extra, it is well worth it because it is a product

that "WORKS". I have oily skin and it was never a problem with the Mary Kay products.


As far as being "sucked" into buying that was not the case with me.  It was totally up to me if I wanted to try or purchase the products.  It they don't work for you, you have the option of returning it.  Being sucked into something should never be the case.  All you have to do is say "NO".  It's not hard!!!!

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Re: Anyone use Mary Kay Skincare??

I don't use that line now, but have off and on and I think the pricing is reasonable and there is quality in the product.  If it's something you think you want to try, certainly go ahead.  I would NOT allow someone to sign me up to get a "discount" as a beauty consultant.  It's still a pyramid scheme and you will be pressured to place orders so your upline will be satisfied monthly.  Just tell the person you're purchasing from you are NOT interested in being a consultant.

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Re: Anyone use Mary Kay Skincare??

If there was something that makes my skin feel better like yours it's worth the price (if ur budget allows). I just look at it as buying 1 that works vs several that don't. We have all spent way too much money on worthless products~ I say yay for you!~ 

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Re: Anyone use Mary Kay Skincare??



I'm shocked Mary Kay and Avon are still relevant with all the beauty products that exploded onto the marketplace last year.  In fact, I thought they'd be gone long ago.  I walked into a MK store 40 years ago to buy a foundation.  OMGoodness!  I think that stuff was 1/2 thick on my face Smiley Surprised  I don't know how my skin could breath Smiley Surprised  

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Re: Anyone use Mary Kay Skincare??

@Suxela wrote:

MK is the best! I used to sell it.  I always did a soft sell, because the products are amazing.  There are cleansers for oily skin and they work great.


I don't sell it anymore, but I am still a rep so I can purchase for myself and a few diehard friends who simply love the cleanser for oily skin, and the skincare kits.

They also have a vitamin C serum that I love. When you become a rep you can purchase the items at half price. My skin has never looked better.


When i am out of MK products I use Philosophy products which I love as well. 

@Suxela I don't know if the minimums changed, but back then you needed to place quite a large order for the 50% discount. I'm thinkit was  in the $1,000 range?

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Re: Anyone use Mary Kay Skincare??

@jackthebear wrote:

@Dusty1 wrote:

I can't use Mary Kay, but I think it is better for a dry/normal skin. 

I have oily/normal skin & it's miserable trying to find something that works for me (Hydrating, smoothing) that does not break me out.

I am embarrassed to tell anyone that I just bought a 1oz jar of Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream for $190.

I got a sample from Nordstrom & my skin felt so good & didn't break out.

This is as happy as my skin has been for a long time & I am 60 years old!

Try the MK, but they may push you (Hard sometimes) to become a rep. I think their products are decent, I just don't agree with their sales tactics.

Still I would buy the products, if my skin loved them.

I like LaMer as well,  


and I agree stay away from MK they will try to suck you in to selling 

@jackthebear @Dusty1   I bought Serious Skincare's version of LaMer - Ultra Mare- before they stopped selling on tv. Really nice product - and it's only a copy!!