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Anyone tried the new NCN All in One serum???

I am loving the DNA serum but am curious about this new one.  Has anyone used it, and what do you like/dislike about it?  I have dry skin and would want to use a moisturizer with it, but the website says it goes on top of your mosturizer.  That seems a little strange to me.  Do you even need a moisturizer with it??????   What does everyone think????

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Re: Anyone tried the new NCN All in One serum???



I like it a lot.  I have combo skin and it makes a great moisturizer for me.  I alternate nightly Retin-A, and BHA and use AIO over. I don't use it in the AM just because I use a sunscreen over VitC. 


It is a fine moisturizer / treatment for my not dry skin.  I do think anyone with dry skin might need an additional moisturizer over it.

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