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Re: Anyone find something that works for hair temple "thinning"?

 Medical treatment - I had some hair thinning about 3 or 4 years ago and went to see my dermatologist. She took a small hair sample/scalp biopsy and then prescribed a topical lotion and an antibiotic for a few months. She said it was an autoimmune disorder.  My hair thickened up gradually with treatment. I hope this info. helps. 

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Re: Anyone find something that works for hair temple "thinning"?

@MG Chris wrote:

I had a serious bleaching accident a few weeks ago. My hair is incredibly thick but I have a ton of breakage right at the scalp. Enough that I am wearing a headband for the foreseeable future. I did some research and I picked up The Ordinary hair serum. I see it was mentioned by someone else on here.


I watched a ton of reviews on TikTok and YouTube and everybody loved it for the most part. I started using it a week ago and I have a receding hairline. I have been using it every night.  Today I noticed a couple of new hairs in my receding hairline. I have not had hair in there for a years. I only started using this because everyone said it gave fast hair growth. I was not trying to fix thinning hair but it is working. 

The whole secret of using it is that you have to deposit it directly onto the scalp and use it sparingly. Massage it in well otherwise your hair will get very greasy. I use it every night and I'm only washing my hair every four days.   I am thrilled with the results I am seeing after a week. My hair is definitely growing faster than usual.

@MG Chris  So sorry about the breakage, I'm glad you have a handle on it. YES, I already ordered this product, it will be here early next week, I got it from Ulta. THANK YOU!!!!

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Re: Anyone find something that works for hair temple "thinning"?

@SandGirl ---- omg---- I had 3 wigs that I wore during the bald days----that I LOVED- all my dream styles and colors--- but donated them back to the cancer store at the hospital I went to---wish I kept one of them---- yes my small hair annoyances are nothing to harp about. so glad your aunt is doing well