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Re: Anyone ever use the TSV on HSN today

I love the Wunder2 eyebrow gel.  You put it on over your brows and your brows aren't going to move at all until you remove it with makeup remover.  I also got it at HSN but ULTA sells it and you can also get it online. Love this stuff! 

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Re: Anyone ever use the TSV on HSN today

@Phantom46 wrote:

I think it looks like a hot mess!  They all look horrible it in.



I do, too!


I was curious and I’m glad to hear reviews from a few people who tried it. 


I thought the after brows brows looked very messy. I only saw part of one presentation but I really wondered what kind of conditioning experiment they were trying on us - raving about how good the models looked while showing us how how bad their brows looked!

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Re: Anyone ever use the TSV on HSN today

@SilleeMee wrote:

I used another brand, same type of thing with the peel-off gel. It was sort of a goopy mess and somewhat difficult to apply. Application of the gel needs to be accurate because it stains the skin. The end result of having a filled-in brow was just okay but it didn't last too long...maybe a couple of days, depending on how you cleanse your face. I think a product like that would appeal more to someone who is concerned about having 'lose' their brows maybe while swimming or sweating a lot. I think it would be good for that. But for me it was more of a pain to apply for having it last for only a couple or a few days.


ETA- So far not once have I seen HSN show a model actually applying the gel product in their presentations, only removing it. I think that tells you right there how difficult it can be to brush the gel on.

I noticed one of the models yesterday had difficulty removing the product. It was not coming off in one piece. I was concerned that it could pull out some of the hair too.

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Re: Anyone ever use the TSV on HSN today

When they showed the removal of the gel it looked like some of the eyebrow hairs came off too. I couldn’t afford to loose one eyebrow hair. 😱
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