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Anyone ever hear of Jamberry Nails??

Hi ladies,

I was at a Fundraiser/vendor event yesterday and ran into a lady that sells Jamberry Nails. It seems to be a very cool concept it is actual nail polish on a sort of vinyl a mailing label that goes over your nail and is set with either this little "heater" blower they sell or your own hair dryer. She says it says for 2 weeks on nails and up to 6 weeks on toes. I asked a young woman with this charity who was there all day about ner nails...she had a animal print look that looked similiar to this product. She said it was Sally Hansen but she didn't like it becasue it chips real bad. Anyway, I did buy a sheet and going to try it today. I purchased Mally's nail program a bit ago and even though it does last 2 weeks it is expensive but the real issue I HATE taking the polish off AND HATE that I have to file my own nails.

Anyway, wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone else knows about this company and its products.