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Anyone Remember Philosphy AG Luxurious Bubble Bath - How Do I Get Q and Phil to Bring this Back?

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Does anyone remember Philosohpy's Amazing Grace Luxurious Bubble Bath? I know they stopped making it, but it was the BEST bubble bath and the scent was "Amazing!" 


I squirred away a bottle a few years ago when the Q brought it back as a special around Christmas. I used some the other night and the smell is still amazing - even years later. It lasts longer than any other Amazing Grace product I have and it bubbles so much better than the shower gel. It still lives on the Q website as item number A68224, but says not available. do I get the "powers that be" here at QVC to persuade Philosophy to bring this one back? Do we just have to hope they read requests here or does anyone know how to get the ear of someone that has some power? I don't think passing it along through customer service is going to cut it. Appreciate any advice.