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Re: Anybody with fine, thin, bone-straight hair?

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The OP asked for anybody with 1. fine, 2. thin, and 3. bone straight hair.  But I noticed that a lot of the responses have two but not all three of these.  I can tell you from experience that it's the combination of all three that causes major problems.  If I were to wear my hair shoulder length like some of you have mentioned, my ears would stick out!  No joke.  Not enough hair to cover them. Woman Sad As for not using hair products, are you kidding?  Without any volumizer or hair spray, my hair resembles a newborn's. The only thing that works for me is a short pixie cut, along with volumizer.  I blow dry using a dryer shaped like a round styling brush, so that my hair curves, not curls.  Then I spray with a finishing spray - otherwise it will be lying flat on my head again in 10 minutes.  I can get away with a second day before I have to wash it and start over again.  But it's worth it, because I do get compliments on my hair and people are disbelieving when I describe how thin it is.  If there was one thing on my body I could change, it would be my hair! 

Exactly.  Having fine hair but a lot of it is totally different then having thin AND fine hair.  Or having thin, fine and curly hair isn't the same either.


I have bone straight hair that has no natural bend to it at all.  None.  I can wear my hair no longer than shoulder grazing but that is after styling products used to make it appear thicker and more voluminous.  Without styling products, my years would stick out too because I don't have enough hair.  But any longer than shoulder grazing and forget it.


I am really toying with doing something very different to my hair now but my hair also grows at a snails pace so I'm very nervous.  I also am just not a fan of short hair on me.  I hate having to do my hair everyday.  I personally find short hair to be more labor intensive because it always needs to be done.  Right now I can pull some of my hair back.   

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Re: Anybody with fine, thin, bone-straight hair?

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Yep I'm in that bucket. I find I have to keep my hair cut to shoulder length, if it gets much longer than that it looks extra flat and stringy. Honestly a great cut is the most important thing wth this type of hair. I found that a few long layers actually help make my hair look fuller (I resisted that for sooo long until my hairdresser convinced me - he was right). Right now I use living proof's "full" root spray (sparingly) to roots and use fekkai's mousse, this is the best combo I've found. The fekkai mousse is nice, gives good body without weighing down my hair or making it look greasy and helps with flyaways. I've tried others but I always go back to fekkai. I blow dry my hair and use a big round brush to style. I usually put a big Velcro roller in my bangs, mostly to keep hair out of my face for makeup. I sleep with my hair in a ponytail at the top of my head and use the perfecter to smooth things out for day 2, and I use living proof's dry shampoo at the roots. I have to wash my hair every other day, it just looks better that way. For shampoo and conditioner, I use fekkai volume (yellow stuff) and I use a deep conditioning mask once a week.  I have to be careful with conditioners, most leave a residue that flattens out my hair.

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Re: Anybody with fine, thin, bone-straight hair?

When I was a kid I had very fine, thin and yes bone straight hair, but I always had a lot of it. My hair would not hold curl, I was forever in rollers because I wanted to wear my hair long, it was the style. When I finally gave up the long hair and got a really good blunt cut, it looked like I had much more hair and I was able to just shampoo and blow it dry. I wear my hair very short now and I get compliments on it all the time. Women ask me where I get my hair cut and if I have thick hair that I can just blow it dry with my fingers and it looks that good. Now I only shampoo twice a week and use products that claim to texturize your hair. Works for me.